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About Us

"" empowers mothers from under-resourced communities in South Africa through mentoring, skills development, and job creation.




How to order?

1. Choose your design

  • Africa (boys or girls line - A, B, C, D)
  • Cowboy (boot and horse)
  • Cowgirl (boot and horse)

2. Choose your size

  • Onesie sizes: 0-3; 3-6; 6-12; 12-18
  • Child t-shirt sizes: 1-2, 2-3, 3-4, 4-5, 5-6, 6-7, 7-8, 9-10, 11-12, 13-14

3. Choose long or short sleeve (100% white cotton)

4. Contact us with your order: SMS Tesna at 076 727 5413 or email

  • Africa Design:
    R200 or $20 - baby onesie + bandana bib
    R150 or $15 child t-shirt
    R200 or $20 adult t-shirt
  • Cowboy & Cowgirl Design (horse and boot)
    R300 or $30 - 2 baby onesies + 1 bandana bib
    R150 or $15 child t-shirt
    R200 or $20 adult t-shirt


Who are these mothers?

We focus on moms living in Ocean View, a community of about 30,000 people located in the greater Cape Town area. Ocean View is  plagued with crime...including drugs, gangs, domestic violence and prostitution. This is a very challenging environment in which to raise a family!

These amazing mothers are working hard to change their circumstances and provide for their families. Every time you purchase an "" product, you help a mother in Africa provide food for her family.


Mentoring - our history

Discipling and mentoring is at the heart of "Motherhood is Beautiful". The women meet weekly in a support group format where they can share openly about their journey and struggles.

They also participate in "Discovery Bible Studies," giving them an opportunity to read the Bible, discuss its meaning and talk about changes they want to make in their lives.


"I love how these mothers' lives change in front of my eyes every week. I have the privilege of seeing them learn to love God, love themselves and love each other. Hope is restored every single time, and I am inspired by their desire to learn and truly change."

- Marina van der Byl (Co-Director)



"Moms are awesome! I enjoy creating ways to help moms embrace the beauty of them tools to be even more awesome. Discipleship is at the heart of everything we do and providing a beautiful way for our women to make money is just part of the fun!"

- Julie Ostrand (Co-Director)


Skills Development

In the past we have offered everything from cooking classes and parenting health information and counseling. Our program is continually changing, to keep in step with the needs of our current mothers.

We have also taught the women jewelry making, sewing skills and the art of wall stenciling. With these skills they have created the beautiful products you see featured on this site, which have sold both locally here in Africa and online internationally.


Job Creation

"" is the brand name of the beautiful products made in our job creation program and sold online.


Proudly South African! Products sewn by mothers in Africa working hard to provide for their families. When you buy hand-made products, YOU create jobs in Africa and empower moms.

Africa Baby Onesie and complementing Bandana Bib


Champagne Pink:
5 pillow set | bunting | individual pillows


Midnight Black:
5 pillow set | bunting | individual pillows


Stone Gray:
5 pillow set | bunting | individual pillows


Scarlet Red:
5 pillow set | bunting | individual pillows


Sky Blue:
5 pillow set | bunting | individual pillows


Royal Purple:
5 pillow set | bunting | individual pillows


Sea Green:
5 pillow set | bunting | individual pillows


5 pillow set | bunting | individual pillows


Thank You Wall of Fame

Wow! You helped us raise $6,231 in seed money to launch!

We want to give a shout-out to all the incredible people who gave to our launch campaign so that we could purchase new sewing machines, designer fabrics and supplies. YOU made this happen (along with many other anonymous givers)!

Thanks to are the women trying out our new overlocker sewing machine for the first time! They are thrilled!


Derika Volpi
John & Helen Kim
Raymond Schep
Lauren van Zyl
Madeleine Vlok
Tricia Nygaard
Anne Greve
Clasina Stofberg
Heather Allen
Dan & Tracey Hartley
Troy Kohls
Dean Skaret
Sheree Lahey
Jennifer L Carey
Mary A. Favara
Somer D Krueger
Lori Walling
Steve & Misun Min
Nadine A Bastian
Rochelle Martel
Jennifer Bastian
Sandi King
Tony Hoover

Note: Did you make a donation but don't see your name? Some people opted to give annonymously so we tried to honor that...but please email Julie to let us know if your name is not here!


Meet the Directors



Marina van der Byl - Born and raised South African, I am passionate about mentoring single mothers in Ocean View, a disadvantaged township near the tip of Africa.

We started this business to give women the opportunity to provide for their families and become leaders in their community. I also love to develop fun, creative products that can be sold all over the world!


Julie Ostrand - As an American living in South Africa with my family, I am honored to be a part of what God is doing in this amazing country.

I love how God embraces us right where we are and transforms our hearts...making something beautiful out of our brokenness. We are so excited to walk the journey of motherhood with these incredible moms!


Our Product History

Our 2013 product line featured the very popular Isaiah 61 bracelet and stunning designs in leather bracelets that all featured an “Africa” charm.

Isaiah 61 Bracelet - sold out

Earrings, necklances and leather bracelets - sold out



Our 2012 product line featured bunting with interchangeable felt shapes and baby onesies...

2012 Baby Onesies - sold out

2012 Felt Shape Bunting - sold out