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The Scoop
on Julie

Discipleship and Discovery Bible Studies:

I am thrilled to be disciplining two women in Ocean View!

Several weeks ago I met Claudine and Colleen and am now doing "Discovery Bible Studies” several times a week with them. More...

Business Opportunities for Women:

Colleen and Claudine are both high school drop-outs, single moms with several children and few job skills.

I am passionate about using micro-loans to help women!

I love this approach because it offers hope for those who want to be creative and work hard - without perpetuating the cycle of poverty with a hand-out. More...

Ocean View High School:

This week we will deliver candy bars to the Ocean View High School teachers with a note of encouragement. More...



What's Up
with Karl


The World Cup excitement is definitely here in South Africa!

Building on that, I am able to use soccer as a means to reach the youth of Ocean View in relevant ways.

In the next two months I will coach, assist with a soccer festival, and set up "World Cup Viewing Outreaches" (showing World Cup games on a big screen in the townships). More...

Ocean View Community Center:

I am passionate about being part of a launch team for building a Community Center in Ocean View.

My dream is that the community center would be a safe place for kids - providing a beautiful field on which to play soccer (instead of the street or bare dirt fields they are used to).

We would also offer computer classes, job training, tutoring, art lessons, Bible studies, and much more. More...



Our Big
Africa News

Our Announcement:

We have decided to make a 3 year commitment to All Nations for full-time work here in South Africa.

We will be in the US mid-July and will return to Cape Town at the end of September.

What We Need


Place to Live - We will be looking for a home to rent here in Cape Town when we return to Africa at the end of September.

Buying a Car - We need to purchase a vehicle (vehicles here are 2-3 times more expensive than in the States).

God's continued direction - With many needs crying out in Africa, we are relying on Him to show us where to pour our time, energy and resources.


We are looking for partners! Please consider joining our financial support team.


There is Love