Ostrand Update

10 Second Update
Back in America


BLOG: I just cannot resist a good party. Even when the skies turn dark and the road seems relentlessly long, we choose celebration...read blog


Happy Birthday to our Girls

Gender Cake Reveal Party- Fun party where Ocean View girl finds out if it's a boy or girl

Down syndrome - Emme is the guest speaker at Jensen's class


"You were like a father to me" - said one of the boys Karl coached

Bedtime Stories - Teenagers sat like little girls as Julie read the best bed-time story in the world

Africa's Worst Soccer Secret - Why do so few Africans play for the world's top soccer leagues

Motherhood is Beautiful - Julie is coordinating weekly classes for pregnant moms


Karl and his mother on their way to a chemo treatment.

UPDATE: As many of you know, we have come back to the US temporarily to spend time with Karl's mother as she is fighting cancer.

We will find out more about the success of Joan's cancer treatment in a scan a little over 4 weeks from now!

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