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- Karl coaching soccer in Africa
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We were scheduled to fly out to Africa Dec 29, but when we got to the airport our flight was cancelled (due to bad weather in Chicago- our first layover).

They rebooked our tickets to fly out of Omaha tomorrow on January 1st.

This was actually a blessing, as Julie was not feeling well at the airport...and ended up in bed for days with an upper respiratory infection. She is recovering and should be able to fly out tomorrow.

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Karl's mom has done 33 rounds of chemo. It's amazing her body has been able to withstand this!

Although she has been tired and working to overcome a sever cold, she continues to trust the Lord.

The doctors may suggest switching to another type of chemo, depending on how the neuropathy (loss of sensation in her fingers and toes) progresses.

We continue to pray for her healing!

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