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My Filter is Rubbish and Other Shocking Epiphanies

Here is my epiphany for 2014: I am not as nice as I think I am.

In the spirit of full disclosure…I must say I was shocked and disturbed to realize that the “nice person” I think I am (that mostly just exists in my head) is not blog


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Winning the Super League (then not winning the Super League)

So perhaps you saw on Facebook a few months ago that we were excited our team won the Super League title in the U15 boys division.

We won it...then we didn't win it.

My initial reaction was one of anger!

The decision was not "fair." My boys were the only ones in the league that had lost just one game and had, in fact, beat these "winners" twice in league play, but there is something more important than "fair" Karl's story



FAMILY NEWS: Baby boy is due January 5th, but Julie will have a scheduled c-section on December 22nd (due to some safety precautions).  We asked our doctor what will happen if there is a power outage during the more...

THANK YOU: Thanks to all who gave new and used baby clothes for the Virtual Baby Shower! You can still guess the weight of the baby ($10 Amazon gift card for the winner).

Note: Adi Rose doesn't know Christmas is usually about warm fires, hot cider, and snow (growing up in the Southern Hemisphere will do that to you). However, she tells us every day that 3 people are coming for Christmas...Ppop, Baby Brother and Santa. We can't wait!