January 31, 2013
Quick Snapshots of Africa Life

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Nanosecond of Fame

Some of you have been wondering how in the world Jensen and Emme ended up in a Disney commercial.

Well...let me tell you a little story...read blog


Coaching the Coaches - 20 coaches signed up for Karl's second coaching education class

The Power of Blessing - Since Julie started reading these blessings to Emme - her teachers have said, "Who is this kid you have brought back to school this year? Her development has really improved!"

Striker Camp - What does every young soccer player love more than anything else?


Emme jumped for the first time in her life today

Jensen started first grade - complete with uniform (the official 3 options for shoes here are: tennis shoes, flip-flops, or bare feet)

Adison Rose is 10 months old and refuses to eat baby food (she prefers guacamole, hummus, chicken, and whole-wheat pasta noodles)

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