June 29, 2012
Quick Snapshots of Africa Life

10 Second Update
Family Stuff


Top Five Moments in Africa With My Parents

I couldn't help but burst into tears when I saw my parents walk out of the Cape Town terminal. This is the first time they have flown over the Atlantic...read blog


Can't Get It Out of Your Head - Bible stories of God's love are sinking in! These stories can be recited WORD FOR WORD WEEKS LATER, by kids who have attended past Soccer Festivals.

Start Your Business with $7 - Outside money is NOT lent or given…participants come with their own $7 –which is used as seed money to start their own business

Better Coaches = Better Men - Coaching Education Course goes beyond soccer by discipling men to become better fathers, loving husbands and good neighbours



Julie's Parents Visit Africa Photos - It was amazing to have them here...to show them the beauty of South Africa, to meet our incredible friends and to give them a glimpse into the work we do here.

Every Day Life Photos - family life photos taken over the past month (Jensen turned 6 years old today)