Easter Video Greeting (3 minutes)

SEE VIDEO (3 minutes)
We answer your burning question, "What's Easter Like in Africa?"
(plus a snap shot of life with these 3 little girls)


Important Announcement - Returning to America in April

This month we received some unexpected news about Karl's mother Joan.

As many of you know, Joan had battled breast cancer a couple of years ago with success after chemo treatments.

Unfortunately, the cancer has returned very aggressively and spread to her breast, liver, spleen, lungs, areas on her bones and perhaps a couple of other places. She began chemo treatments last week to help slow it down.

Will we come back to Omaha? Although we were not planning to return to the states this year, we have decided that we will go to Omaha during this difficult time to be with family (we will arrive on April 23rd). We want to be with Joan, bring the joy of her granddaughters and just enjoy each other's presence.

When will we know more? It will take a couple of months for the doctors to know how effectively the chemo is working.

Will we return to Africa? The answer is YES! God has called us here, and we will return to Africa.

When will we return to Africa? We don't have an exact date right now. We will know more in the coming months based on Karl's mother's chemo treatments. In the meantime, we will walk the road set before us with JOY in our hearts!

What can you do? Please keep us in your prayers. As Karl's father Dave said... "We are trusting our always faithful God to carry us down this difficult road, asking for a miracle, at the same time we surrender our wills to His. He knows all things. Psalm 72:28 I have made the Sovereign Lord my refuge."

BOTTOM LINE: We love you all and have been humbled by the outpouring of love and prayer from so many of you. Our theme right now...JOY JOY JOY!!

Karl, Julie, Jensen, Emerson and Adison (see our video greeting)

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