October eNewsletter

What we do...YOU do.

Here's how YOU approached the community with Faith, Hope and Love this past week...

Faith & Hope

David Anderson, Karl's cousin, helped us on our flight here (brave, brave man).

He is involved with a ministry called Fresh Start and was able to hold an exciting meeting for members of our community - many who had experienced a loss, offense, or hurt.

We broke into small groups and started the process of forgiveness together...hope for broken lives.


It was great to stop by the computer class that was started several months ago in Ocean View.

Meet Lorraine! She has been practicing her 8-finger typing and we are so impressed with her tenacity and determination.

Expanded with the donation of additional computers, our friend Simon has done an incredible job running the class.


It was so nice to reconnect with our Discovery Bible Study group.

We spent some time discussing the culture of Ocean View and brainstorming about ways to impact the community.

There are a few new members and Karl and Julie are excited to meet with this inspiring group of men and women every week.


It's wonderful to be back in Ocean View with these friends we LOVE!

We brought tortillas from the states and made tacos for our friends.

This was their first "south of the border" experience and all agreed tacos are "lekker" (aka "muy buenos!")

It would be an amazing micro-business to open up taco stands all over Ocean View!


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