Photos - Saying Goodbye (America 2011)


What would we do without Cousin Dave and Kelly? They will fly with us to Africa this help us with the girls on the plane and offer Fresh Start workshops during their stay. So grateful they will be carrying car seats and small people through the airport for us!


Julie's New Year’s Resolution #17: Appear to be awake during ALL conversations that take place before 7 pm – pregnancy is no excuse for being this tired! Note to self...nobody actually believes you’re listening to them if your head is tucked under your arms and you are obviously having some kind of personal narcoleptic moment.


Jensen singing at the top of her lungs, “I am a Baker Girl and a Doctor Girl and a Teacher Girl. I like to bake cakes and ice cream and apples.”


Emme gives a heads-up: Now that I’m walking…I don’t think it will be necessary for me to sit in my seat for the 24 hour plane ride back to Africa. I’ll be in charge of greeting all 107 air plane passengers personally, while you chase me around the aisle pointlessly bribing me to sit quietly with Cheerios and popcorn. My cuteness cannot be stopped (even by my ultimate weakness...popcorn).


Emme's first time in the snow! Jensen explaining to her that snow is cold and wet and a great snack!


Although she would have preferred to be a sheep, Jensen was Mary in her preschool Christmas Play. She was proud to shout her line, "My little baby...I will call you Baby Jesus."


Emme constantly reminds us of the joy of living - that happiness can be found rolling around on the floor, telling jokes to yourself or pulling someone else's hair (followed by a questionably heartfelt "Sorry!).


Many have asked how Julie's Dad is...right now he is cancer-free, but still challenged by the low immunity that comes from the after-match of cancer treatment. Thank you for your prayers.


Many have also asked about Karl's mom...her cancer treatments are finished and she is doing better. Please pray for her as she helps her sister battle a second round of cancer.


Jensen is an amazing sister to Emme - she loves to take care of her, teach her new words and play all sorts of made-up games. Jensen is excited about her new baby sister on the way (and informs us she also plans to have 2 brothers - we appreciate the heads-up on that one).





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