Photos - Ostrand Family Photos 2012

WE GAVE IT OUR BEST SHOT: God bless our friend Meehan for trying to work with us on this day! We cancelled our "family photo shoot" a few weeks ago with her due to the gash on Emme's eye, then we cancelled last week because Karl and I forgot to get hair cuts...and we almost cancelled on this day - because of the big cut across Jensen's nose (she had a fight with the bathroom door at school the previous day).

But we pressed through! Not our best day... but Meehan did wonders, given what she had to work with for subject matter!

THANK YOU: It was our third annual photo shoot here in Africa with Meehan. She is incredibly talented, and we have been so blessed by her. She will be moving back to the US in a couple of weeks, and we truly don't know what we'll do without this amazing friend!


This family photo seems to sum up the afternoon pretty well (look at each girl's face)


"Doh!" Karl's expression is priceless!


This seemed to be about the best we could do for a photo with all 5 of us!




Thank you, Meehan, for your willingness to capture all our Ostrand moments!






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