Photos - The First 10 Days in Cape Town

Here are photos from our first 10 days in Cape Town. We came early to get the girls adjusted to the time change, acclimate to our new environment and get settled in before our training begins (CPx will start this Monday, February 8th).


Jensen carrying her bags at Eppley
Emme loves a window seat
Gotta love Neccos
Jensen playing with the shade
(the other passengers loved that)
Simon's Town (a nearby fishing village)
Jensen making sure there is water in the fountain
A penguin colony lives in Simon Town
I guess they don't want you to run over the penguins
(it's a $65 fine for even touching them)
Emme enjoys an African breeze
My girl

Macy and Jensen
(a family from our church in Omaha with two girls
the same age as ours is also attending the 6 month training
in Cape Town - Macy is their 3 year old daughter)
The best seat in the house
Street Art
World Cup Stadium in Cape Town
Noah, Jensen and Macy watching a movie in our bedroom
(where all 4 of us sleep)
Jensen and Noah in the kitchen






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