Photos - A visit From Julie's Brother and His Family

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Julie's brother Ken lives in the middle east with his wife and four kids. He is a science teacher and assistant principle at the country's only international school. His wife Erin is the school nurse, handles member care and started the first and only dance studio. We are so proud of them!

We enjoyed their visit to Cape Town over the Christmas holiday and had a chance to do some sightseeing together!

Please note, this is NOT our everyday life here...we spend most of our time in the townships or planning for projects/events. However, if you do come visit us, we promise to show you a breathtaking country!

Out to breakfast at Noordhoek Farm the first day they arrived...


Cape of Good Hope: It was so windy! Also - there was low visibility at the top, so we didn't get to climb to the lighthouse. The kids still had fun!

Kommetjie (surf town) - a little water inlet (the water is COLD)


Spier: Restaurant, bird exhibit, shops and picnic area


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