Photos - Ocean View High School Life Orientation Class

Karl and Julie taught on the topic of "Self Worth" for the 10th grade Life Orientation class. Read journal entry...


student's desk and chairs
bars over the door
Mrs. Johnson has taught at
Ocean View High School for over 15 years
the students
Julie showing the kids how to do an activity
Karl teaching on "self worth"

Strange Fact:

At Ocean View High the kids have "guardians" instead of subsitute teachers.

When their regular class teacher does not show up, the students are supposed to go find a fellow classmate who has been dubbed their guardian and sit in their guardian's class (assuming the guardian's teacher is there that day). If their guardian isn't there - they are supposed to go find their back-up guardian.


I guess the idea is to have kids in A class (ANY class will do) - so that there is some level of supervision (although obviously not learning).

Teacher truancy is a huge problem in South Africa. At the beginning of the first class of the day the loud speaker lists the names of the teachers that didn't show up that day.

Go find your guardian.





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