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About Us

Founded in Cape Town, is a holistic program in South Africa created to empower mothers from under-resourced communities...through mentoring, skills development, and job creation.

We are excited about because it gives women the opportunity to provide for their families and become leaders in their communities!



Our History

Along with mentoring and discipleship...we have offered everything from cooking classes and parenting health information and counseling. Our program is continually changing, to keep in step with the needs of our current mothers.

We have also taught the women jewelry making, sewing skills and the art of wall stenciling. With these skills they have created the beautiful products you see featured on this site, which have sold both locally here in Africa and online internationally.

Proudly South African! Products sewn by mothers in Africa working hard to provide for their families. When you buy hand-made products, YOU create jobs in Africa and empower moms.

Meet the Directors



Born and raised South African, Marina is passionate about mentoring single mothers in South Africa.

Marina is curretly the Team Leader for Women's Discipleship at Every Nation and is spearheading social responsibility.

She has a passion to mentor the marginalized and neglected...through discipleship, building community, job skills training and starting small businesses.

She also loves to develop fun, creative products that can be sold all over the world!

She is directly involved with overseeing product development, fundraising, assisting with daily questions and expanding the business to Pretoria.


Julie founded "Motherhood is Beautiful" in 2010, an initiative to disiciple women from under-resourced communities, teach job skills and create businesses.

In 2013, Julie and Marina joined forces and created, a business created to walk a journey with single moms, teach sewing and jewelry-making skills and create exciting business opportunities.

In 2015 Julie returned to the US after living in South Africa for 5 years and misses the beautiful African people! 

Living in the US now, she continues to assist with marketing and product ideas. It is wonderful to be able to still support these incredible women and mothers...even across the ocean!



"I love how these mothers' lives change in front of my eyes every week. I have the privilege of seeing them learn to love God, love themselves and love each other. Hope is restored every single time, and I am inspired by their desire to learn and truly change."

- Marina van der Byl (Co-Director)



"Moms are awesome! I enjoy creating ways to help moms embrace the beauty of them tools to be even more awesome. Discipleship is at the heart of everything we do and providing a beautiful way for our women to make money is just part of the fun!"

- Julie Ostrand (Co-Director)


Introducing our new 2018 product line...

Africa onesies in shweshwe (made in South Africa traditional fabrics)!

Shweshwe is a printed, dyed cotton fabric widely used for traditional South African clothing. Originally dyed indigo, the fabric is manufactured in a variety of colours and printing designs characterised by intricate geometric patterns.


  • 0-3 months (short or long sleeve)
  • 3-6 months (short or long sleeve)
  • 6-12 months (short or long sleeve)
  • 12-18 months (short or long sleeve)


  • Onesies: $15 for one ($28 for two)
  • Boy Set and Girl Set (onesies, pants, hat or bow): $38
  • Cowboy and Cowgirl Set (2 onesies and bandana bib): $38

To order email Marina at


Africa onesies (short or long sleeves)

Blue Africa - $15 for one ($28 for two) Brown Africa - $15 for one ($28 for two) Red Africa - $15 for one ($28 for two)
Green Africa - $15 for one ($28 for two) Pink Africa - $15 for one ($28 for two) Purple Africa - $15 for one ($28 for two)
Yellow Africa - $15 for one ($28 for two) Denim Africa - $15 for one ($28 for two)  

Boys and Girls Sets (pants, onesie, hat/bow)

Boys Set - $38 Girls Set - $38
(more sets coming soon) (more sets coming soon)

Cowgirl & Cowboy Set (2 onesies and 1 bandana bib)

Cowboy Set - $38 Cowgirl Set - $38



History of Past Products...


Our 2015-2017 product line featured Africa onsies with matching bandana bibs


Our 2014 and 2015 product line featured matching throw pillows and bunting.




Our 2013 product line featured the very popular Isaiah 61 bracelet and stunning designs in leather bracelets that all featured an “Africa” charm.

Isaiah 61 Bracelet - sold out

Earrings, necklances and leather bracelets - sold out



Our 2012 product line featured bunting with interchangeable felt shapes and baby onesies...

2012 Baby Onesies - sold out

2012 Felt Shape Bunting - sold out