January 31, 2013
Quick Snapshots of Africa Life

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The Power of Generational Legacy

Many people have asked my father how in the world a school teacher from Nebraska (who is not much of a world traveler), ended up with both his children serving God overseas.

Read this blog at the risk of altering the course of your own life (legacy is irresistible)...read blog


Giggly Girls Make Us "Colored Food" - What is "Colored Food" - you ask? (yes...here the proper term is "colored" - hold on to your socks, America)

Karl’s Birthday Bash - We celebrated Karl’s birthday with friends at a toboggan run! Of course! Why wouldn't we?

Coerver Coaching comes to Africa - Karl and the coaches at Ubuntu were blessed to have the famous Paul "Gibbo" Gibbons spend 10 days with them.


VIDEO: Jensen's South African Accent (she's talking about her field trip to the "fom" today - aka "farm")

In South Africa you would hear, "The bed bed is on the bed" (Translation: "The bad bird is on the bed.")

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