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Cape Town is bi-polar...a Jekyll and Hyde city. On one hand, it's beautiful - the 6th most beautiful city in the world.
On the other hand, it's ranked #5 for world's most dangerous cities, boasting some of the darkest crimes imaginable.

The Sunny Side of Cape Town

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Khayelitsha Township Singers

In Simon's town we stopped to listen to this acapella group - they were performing for tips and selling their CD.


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The Dark Side of Cape Town


Cape Town is the 5th most dangerous city, due to its high level of robberies, rapes, kidnappings and murders.

I recently read a Time article about human trafficking in South Africa.

It was pretty bleak.

The gist was 2 girls who were best friends, one 15 years old and one 17 years old, were orphaned and both looking for work.

A neighbor told them she knew of a job across town. She gave them a ride to the Really Bad Sex Slave Nigerian Guy, was paid $120 and some crack, and they were enslaved in sex trafficking...read more»

So I have an idea about this»


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