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Sewing Micro Business
10 Second Update

When you buy bunting (decorative flag banners) TODAY...you provide work TOMORROW for a disadvantaged mom!

$5 shipping to the US (7-10 working days for shipping)

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Read a story of shocking transformation

Baby Onesies - Micro-business new product launched (onesies are $12.50 and only $5 shipping to US)

Video of "dance off" - A huge smile will creep across your face...watch an African style soccer warm-up

Their faces were priceless - As Karl shook their hand, he realized for many kids this was the first time in their life they had...



20 incredible photos of 10 days in Africa - Team visits from our home church

Every Day Life Photos - catch a glimpse of "family life moments" from the past month

Wondering What To Do With Bunting?

1. Celebrate holidays and birthdays! See ideas
2. Decorate a child’s room (boys and girls) -View choices
3. Say “THIS is a special day" (display in your home to acknowledge special milestones, accomplishments and events) - Get more details on how this works


Adorable Baby Onesies

Buy onesies for that sweet baby in your life (great shower gifts, hospital visit presents and or Christmas fun).

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SIZE: 0-18 months
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