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Camp vision (the Second Day)

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Johannes teaching on vision
here's the group of student council members that came

first you carry your pole
Johannes explaining the obstacle course

walk across the ropes
then go through the super dark, scary tunnel with your team
get your team to help you
down the ladder
wait your turn at the top of the ladder
climb to the top of the World War II cannon
the 70 year old cannon points to ships on the ocean
team shot
looking down from the top of the cannon
sign on the cannon (we were at Apostle Battery)

Julie and her team - FINISHED!
(Johannes was in shock Julie actually did the course
and kept yelling "Wow! Look at this MOM!")
she's happy to be done with the obstacle course

another game to wrap it up
getting some rest
Karl sharing his personal story
soccer during the "breaks"

See the last of the Camp Vision photos
(team building, grill-out and sunrise mountain top views)...

Photos Day 1 | Photos Day 2 | Photos Day 2 and 3





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