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Camp vision (the Second and Third Day)

Photos Day 1 | Photos Day 2 | Photos Day 2 and 3

Photo of our group (from Chapman's Peak Drive on the way home)


listening to instructions
team building
more team building
LITERAL team building

almost there
a helping hand
Karl and his new friends
roasting "bread on a stick" at the braai

Karl, Julie and Jensen
Jensen eating her "bread from a stick"
breaking into small groups
small group discussion
teaching the white girl to dance
Ronaldo has a fan
sunrise hike up the mountain
the view
a cross stood at the top
looking at the ocean
Johannes encouraging the kids to reflect
going back down
a stop to look at the view on the way home
Karl, Julie and Jensen

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Photos Day 1 | Photos Day 2 | Photos Day 2 and 3






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